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Now available in English

We've finally completed the localization of our acclaimed DaVinci Graphics Library development kit to English. This robust sophisticated graphics and image manipulation library has a proven trackrecord in mission-critical applications used by some of the most respectedhigh-tech firms in Germany. The complete documentation is available either as a Windows helpfile in the downloadable trial version, or online in HTML format at http://www.herdsoft.com/ti/davincie/index.html.

What is DaVinci?

DaVinci is a set of Windows DLLs and OCXs and designed both for 16 and 32 bit development and for exploiting the enhanced image manipulation capabilities built into newer 32 bit Windows operating systems. This package has been in constant development and maintenance since 1993 and is compatible with Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98 NT 3.51, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP.

Basic features

Development platforms
DaVinci has been designed to be compatible with the followingWindows development platforms and includes documentation and in most cases, demo application support for these platforms. Except where indicated, DaVinci is compatible with both 16 and 32 bit versions of the following platforms. DaVinci's advanced features
The DaVinci libraries have evolved over the years to a high degree of sophistication. We've added a wide range of capabilities to the libraries in response to developer requests, special needs, emerging market demands and new capabilities found within Windows itself. DaVinciin corporates highly optimized and very sophisticated capabilities for a surprising rangeof specialized needs, but without sacrificing the simplicity of the API.The learning curve required for first-time low-level image manipulation doesn't need to be an issue with DaVinci thanks to the simplicity of its API and the wealth of documentation and demo project support included.

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