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Graphic import/export using DaVinci

Import/export overview and introduction

Graphics formats supported by DaVinci

EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) file format backgrounder

JPEG file format backgrounder

GIF file format backgrounder

Current limitations relating to specific file formats

Windows (API) graphics formats

An introduction to the API programming and...


Enhanced metafiles

DIBs (Device Independent Bitmaps)

DDBs (Device Dependent bitmaps)

Color palettes

32 bit DIB processing made easy

Working with DIBs in CMYK colour space

Working with DIBs with RGBA alpha channel informations

Working with 48 bit DIBs (16 bits per color component)

Import/Export function and usage reference (DAV3xxxx.DLL)

The import format selection flag

The ipImportInd function

The ipImportExt function (obsolete)

The ipExportInd function

The ipExportExt function (obsolete)

Selecting a compression format on export

The ipTypFromName function

The ipGetImportExtensions function

The ipTifPageCount function

Data sources and "data sinks" (streams)