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Leonardo: The Splineline function

Draws a plotted curve based on specified control points. (Control points are normally not actual points on the resulting curve.)

Splineline resembles the Win32 PolyBezier function, except that more than two control points can be used. In addition, Splineline uses a different mathematical technique to calculate interpolation values, and it is available both in the 16 and 32 bit Leonardo libraries.

Splineline calculates five interpolated points for every supplied control point and then passes these to the Windows Polyline function for actual output.

BOOL API	Splineline(
LPPOINT lpPoints,
int cPoints);

hDC HDC Device context on which the curve will be drawn (see GetDC).

lpPoints POINT[] Pointer to an array of POINT structures defining the control points used for the curve.

cPoints int Number of the values in the lpPoints array. At least three values must be specified.


Returns TRUE if the function is successful, otherwise FALSE.

Example: A curve consisting of a start and end point and 3 control points