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Copyright Informations

Licenses and Ordering

Help Access Library is Copyrighted 1996 by Dipl. Ing. Bernd Herd, Rudolf-Virchow-Str. 8, 68642 Bürstadt. This is the trial Version for the Software. You have the right to test this product inside of your applications for a maximum of 30 days, but no right to distribute any Programs with it.

C/C++ Elements



Structures and Enums





Library binaries

Simple Example Programs


Creates Windows 95 Contents Files (CNT) for a whole set of Help-Files (Windows 3.1 or Windows 95) automatically. Illustrates the use of HlpEnumTitles and HlpCreateStringForHashValue.


Shows how to use Help Access Library with C++ class oriented programming. This example displays all Topic-Entry and Hotspot macros used in a Help file. Illustrates the use of HlpTopicEnumerate and HlpGetTopicTitle functions.


Displays the Copyright-Informations of all the Files in a Directory by using the HlpGetHelpTitle function.


Enumerates the a list of all context-string entries possible with JumpId(...) macros and "-i"-command line parameters into a file...using the HlpEnumContext function.


Enumerates the contents of one Topic by using the HlpTopicEnumerate function.


Enumerates the list of Topics contained in a Help-File by using the HlpEnumTitles function.


Extracts an internal file, baggage-or Bitmap-file from a help-file by using the IFSOpenFile function.


Lists Titles of Topics and associated Context Ids created by HlpCreateStringForHashValue hat can be used in a Call to WinHelp API or on the command line via -i to open the Topic.


Searches for Topics that contain one of a set of Keywords in their Text using the HlpTopicEnumerate function.


Opens the Viewer Application (Media Viewer 2.0 or Windows Help) for a given Topic using the HlpTopicJumpAPI function.


Displays a list of all internal files contained in an internal file system file (help file, annotations-file...) by using the IFSEnumerateFiles function. This is eventually useful to retrieve all Text informations from an Annotations-File (.ANN).


Determines if a topic using the given context-String exists in a help file using the IsTopic function.


Lists the Keywords contained in a Help file and the Titles of the Topics that do use these Keywords using HlpEnumKeyWords and HlpGetTopicTitle functions.


Enumerates the Titles of all Topic in a Media Viewer 2.0 File and their associated Group-Names by using the HlpTopicEnumerate function.

Advanced Example Programs


Allows to read a help file via an web browser over the internet supplying a http-server uising CGI programming interface. THTML does on-the-fly search of keywords in topic headings, decompilation of topic text and conversion of bitmaps to GIF-Graphics. Hotspots remain intact, even hotspots that link to other help or media viewer files.


Source code for the THLP.CNV Text Import Library for Microsoft Word Version 6.0 (16 Bit). Using this Library, import of Help files into Microsoft Word is just a "File Open"...

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