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Help to RTF is the ultimate decompiler and helpfile printing utility, with aproven track record spanning nearly five years and thousands of satisfied users ranging from shareware authors to documentation specialists at some of the world's leading high-tech firms. It includes features you won't find in any other helpfile converter.

Helpfile-to-printable-document conversion

Help to RTF's  converts Windows helpfiles compiled with HC31, HCP.EXE, HCRTF.EXE and Multimedia Viewer compiler into RTF-formatted document files compatible with Word. WordPad and other common word processors. The converted RTF documents include the associated BMP, WMF, SHG and HPJ files, permitting easy modification and recompiling. A unique feature of Helpto RTF is its ability to convert embedded window bitmaps and controls into inline images right in the RTF, offering the highest degree of compatibility with helpfiles that use custom DLLs and Windows API calls.

Help project recovery

Stuck with a compiled legacy helpfile that requires conversion from 16 to 32 bit Help, or a helpfile that needs conversion to HTML or HTML Help? Can't locate the source? Help to RTF comes to the rescue by allowing you to restore any helpfile to usable RTF documents, images, and even an accurate project file. You can recover usable, editable documentation and original project settings from even the largest helpfiles in no time using the project recovery features of Help to RTF. The accuracy of Help to RTF's project recovery is the highest in the industry, insuring the least possible headaches in legacy document conversion.

Maximum accuracy with no sacrifices in compatibility

Screenshot Help to RTF intelligently deals with Help-specific information which is not needed for in a printable or editable document. Any Help-specific information you don't need is neatly filtered or converted to usable information, and that includes conversionof keywords to indexes and references, and even conversion of embedded graphics into inline images. Help to RTF is the ideal maintenance tool for both documentation specialists and those needing complete printability from their helpfiles.

Help to RTF is specifically designed to work best with Microsoft Word, and provides legacy support for Word versions 2.0 to 8.x (Word 97). Helpfiles converted to documents are also viewable and printable using the free, and freely redistributable, Microsoft Word Viewer 97 (you'll find the latest version at to be limited, Help to RTF's converted documents are also compatible with Corel WordPerfect 6.1.

A perfect low-cost solution for single-source help and print documentation

Put to rest the Help/HTML/PDF multi sourcing nightmare. In addition to single user licenses, Help to RTF is available with redistribution licenses. Its compact size (under 250kb) makes it ideal for providinhg compiled help that doubles as printable documentation. Eliminate the need for manuals or bulky .DOC files and the extra work they entail...with just a few mouseclicks, the helpfile can be neatly converted to indexed, illustrated, hierarchically-structuredprintable documentation. Write us and ask about prices for "developer licenses" if you'd like to add this capability to your online documentation.
Evaluation Version
Archive name:
HLP2RTF.EXE (Version 2.14 final)
Internet FTP (310KB):
Prices: $US40 for a Standard license
$US80 for a Network (Site) license.
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Developer licenses to custom builds for distributing Help to RTF with applications are available by special request at prices even sharewareauthors should find affordable.

Revision History

06.08.2001 Version 2.14

04.07.1997 Version 2.12

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