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2. Preparing the Build environment

2.1 Preparing the Netware libc package

The Novell libc package is based on an installer technology that cannot be unpacked from Linux. You need to ``install'' the downloaded file libc_all.exe on a windows machine and re-pack the resulting installation into a file libc_all.tar.gz so that the resulting file contains the directory ndk and below.

For legal reasons I think I am not allowed to offer the resulting tar.gz for download. But I'm offering a binary xdelta patch from the installer download to the tar.gz that will work as long as Novell won't change the file.

2.2 Preparing the target dir

GNU C will not compile without write acces to the target dir. You may install several GNU C cross compilers into the same target dir (called prefix here). I like to install them all into /opt/cross. You may change that setting in file cross_nlm_parameters. I recommend to create that directory with root priviledges, change the owner to your usual account and let the rest of it all be done in user mode. You may chown to root.root later when everything is fine.

  mkdir /opt/cross
  chown herd.users /opt/cross

2.3 Downloading files

To easify the process of downloading the various files required, I've included a script download.sh into the distribution of the patch files. You need wget installed, FTP and HTTP download access. The following will NOT require root priviledges.

  # Create a working directory for this project
  mkdir -p ~/project/cross
  cd ~/project/cross

  # Download the herdsoft patches and scripts
  wget http://www.herdsoft.com/ftp/cross_nlm-1.2.0.tar.gz

  # Unpack them
  tar xzf cross_nlm-1.2.0.tar.gz
  # Start the download process
  cd cross_nlm

2.4 Starting the compilation process

If the download produced no errors or warnings, you may next start the compilation process. It is imporant that you have write permission to the target directory, by default /opt/cross

  # Go to the project directory
  cd ~/project/cross/cross_nlm

  # Start the compilation process

This will compile all portions of the cross compiler and install it into the target directory (prefix), by default /opt/cross.

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